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Dr. Caroline Böttiger (Neuroscientist) founded the Mitte Institute to support companies in creating a healthy and productive work environment.


In Germany  24%  of the employees feel stressed and burned out from work that in the extreme case would lead to sick-leave. Burnout cumulates to over 3.9 Mio sick-leave days per year. While this is the extreme case,  studies show that improving the work environment could increase productivity by up to 75%. This is why it is so important to create a joyful, innovative and mindful atmosphere at work.

Dr. Caroline Böttiger designed highly effective workshops to help you establish a positive working atmosphere for your employees. The workshops are based on neuroscience and alternative psychotherapy,  and we also take measures on their long-term impacts to secure effectiveness for your teams. 


In particular, we can support your company in improving:

  • Psychological safety, so that everyone can talk about risks and problems without feeling insecure or embarrassed.
  • Positive atmosphere within teams by focussing on visions and aims and by making every employee a responsible part of the work process.
  • Dependability: Learning to become a trustworthy member of a team that everyone can count on.
  • Structure & Clarity in communication: How to clarify goals, roles and execution plans by taking responsibility and decision making.
  • Meaning: Helping employees to find their personal meaning in work and what is important for them.
  • Impact: How can the company create values and meanings for the society.

Please contact us and we will analyse your company and discuss which workshops and coachings are helpful for you.

You can book us as:

  • Resident coach: You set the quota per month or year and your employees can book the coaching sessions via our online calendar.
  • Workshop trainer: Take a look at our own extensive workshop claim and book the online training directly now via our online calendar. Of course, we can also put together an entire curriculum for you. Please contact us for an interview.
  • Change management: We manage companies through culture change processes. Do you want to set your company culture to a higher level? Do you want to increase the communication culture in your company? Book a free first consultation here.

Your advantages

  • More positive and constructive working atmosphere
  • Improved productivity and creativity
  • Satisfied employees and well-coordinated teams
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Happier customers
  • Carefree handling, because we take care of your concerns as reliable and experienced consultants.
  • Measurability of the success through the collection of data, data analysis and KPIs


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