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Complex work structures require good and clear leadership. Fast work-processes need fast decision making and clear communication. Young dynamic companies like start-ups have unlike old and long established companies a faster man-to-work implementation. Young people get easily into high positions because of their Knowledge, but lack experience in communication and leadership skills. To maintain a good working atmosphere and motivation it is important to train these skills.

By joining the workshops offered in our Institute you can practice good leadership, learn communication, motivation and stressrelease so that you are perfectly prepared for your Job and the next step in your carreer.

in-house seminar

Google analysed requirements for high motivation, creativity and productivity in a Team - following points for a successful team were essential:  

  • Psychological safety: Is it possible to talk risks on this team without feeling insecure or embarrassed?
  • Dependability: Can we count on each other?
  • Structure & Clarity: Are goals, roles and execution plans clear?
  • Meaning: Am I working on something that is personally important for me?
  • Impact: Does the work we do matter?

A successful team can be trained and created. Please contact us and we will analyse your company and discuss which skills and modules are of importance for your team and create an individual workshop and coaching program for you.

Modules for in-house seminars