Dr. Caroline Böttiger

Dr. Caroline Böttiger holds a PhD in neuroscience  (Universitätsmedizin Charité) and works as a psychotherapeutic practicioner and hypnotherapist in her praxis in Berlin-Mitte. 

2017 she founded "Das Mitte Institut", where she councels and coaches companies in holistic leadership and communication. She works as an executive coach and trainer inhouse with Start-ups and DAX listed companies.


The core of Carolines work is about connecting the subconscious with the conscious. She helps understanding unproductive communicationpatterns and supports the teams to find better ways to create a psychological safe and productive communication. In a positive atmosphere, people engage more in the working process and want to achieve the best for the team and the company.


Depending on the requirements, Caroline uses techniques out of systemic coaching approaches, hypnotherapy, family constellation, bodywork, psychotherapy and up to date neuroscientific insights. To build a bridge and provide a deep understanding into the psychology of communication and interaction she uses an approach between knowledge and pracitical tools.


She teaches as a professor in different institutes and private universities. 2019 she published a book about emotional eating ("Das Hungertier in Dir").

Volkmar Koch

Volkmar Koch is a graduate in business administration and computer science. He has been working as an executive, consultant and executive coach for over 25 years. Among others, he was executive board member (CFO) of a medium-sized company, financial manager in a global corporation and Partner of an international management consulting firm specializing in digital transformation. For many years he has led and (co-)managed comprehensive digitization and transformation projects in internal and external roles.


At the same time, based on his own experience processes of self reflection, he has come to the conclusion that more than just new methods are needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. He has incorporated these into his book "Holistic Company", which was published in August 2019. For him, it is essential that above all a fundamental change in leadership behaviour is needed towards one that is characterised by a higher quality of consciousness, more mindfulness and (self-)love.


He strongly believes, that only by combining the "qualities" of the heart with current knowledge and methods can digital transformation succeed and companies leverage their full future potential. This is also the core of the "Heart@Work" approach of his consulting and coaching activities, which are particularly aimed at senior managers. Various qualified additional trainings as a systemic coach, in Gestalt therapy as well as family constellations further lay the foundations for his work.



Mathias Riedel

Business psychologist (dipl.), actor (dipl.), author, university lecturer for basic coaching, member of the DCV certification commission, systemic teaching and senior coach (DCV). Systemic coach with a focus on:

  • Executive coaching
  • Emotional coaching
  • Coping with stress (wingwave®)
  • Fear of presentation and speech
  • Mindfulness-based coaching (mbsr)
  • Communicate effectively
  • Targeted action and self-confidence