Dr. Caroline Böttiger

Dr. Caroline Böttiger holds a PhD in neuroscience (Universitätsmedizin Charite, Berlin) and is holistic psychotherapist and coach. Since 2010 she works in her own office in Berlin-Mitte with clients on stress related issues.

She is the founder of “Das Mitte Institut”, where she and her team is coaching companies in holistic leadership and communication. As an executive coach and trainer with high performing teams she supports culture change within teams and the whole company.

Her key competences are the connection between science and subconscious effects on our behavior. She offers a wide competence of different methods like systemic coaching, hypnotherapy, family constellation and body work to confront inner fears and stressors.


She teaches as a professor in different institutes. 2019 she published her first book “Das Hungertier in Dir”, about emotional eating.

Amanda Ray Kühling

Amanda Ray Kühling is a coach and Company Culture & Experience Creator. She works with companies of all sizes to create a meaningful employee experience using an integral approach and customized trainings. Her work helps businesses to increase employee motivation and retention, as well as overall greater productivity and success. She has over a decade of experience working within companies to improve their organization, internal relations, and overall happiness and sense of community. 


Amanda’s 1:1 coaching is based on a collaborative, personalized method that uses her broad skill-set – including mindfulness training, organizational management, and empathy work – to help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves, their relationships, and sense of purpose at work and in life. This, in turn, leads to naturally optimized efficiency and energized workflow.

Amanda has completed her Integral Life Teacher certification (300h), which includes the practice of mindfulness, perception, concentration, analytical thinking, empathy, teamwork and the constructive handling of conflicts in business and personal everyday life. She has also completed 500 hours of Kashmir Shaivism (traditional yoga), which is the study of examining life and removing conditions that obscure our vision of reality.

She brings these life coaching skills and mindfulness training in her work with Executives, Managers, Leaders and Employees to help them to:

      Achieve their professional and personal goals

      Define success for themselves and reach it

      Discover their life purpose

      Better understand their challenges and strengths

      Take action on doing what they love

      Gain confidence and enhance leadership abilities

      Improve professional and personal relationships

      Refine communication skills with colleagues

      Create and maintain curiosity and passion


All of Amanda’s coaching work is customized and based directly on the individual’s needs, with an emphasis on working together to achieve a true sense of self and sustained personal & professional success.



Volkmar Koch

Volkmar Koch is a businessman and computer scientist (FH). He has been a consultant and executive coach for more than 25 years. Among other things, he was Chief Financial Officer and Human Resources Director of a medium-sized company, financial manager in a global group and partner of an international management consultancy specializing in the topics of digital transformation. For many years, he has led and been (co-)responsible for comprehensive digitization and transformation projects in internal and external roles.

At the same time, on the basis of his own experience and self-knowledge, he has come to the conclusion that more than new methods are needed to meet the challenges of the 21st century. He incorporated this into his book "Holistic Company", which was published in August 2019. For him, it is essential that above all a change in leadership is required, that forms the basis of the "Holistic Company" and is characterized by a higher quality of consciousness, more mindfulness and (self-)love.

Only through this conscious combination of these "qualities" of the heart with current knowledge and methods can the digital transformation succeed and the future of companies can be successfully shaped in the long term – this is also the core of the "Heart@Work" approach of its consulting and coaching activities, which is aimed in particular at senior managers. Various qualified additional trainings as a systemic coach, in gestalt therapy as well as family positions continue to lay foundations for his work.

Marco Starck

Marco Starck is a systemic coach, holds a degree in business administration (VWA) and has been dealing with human resources issues for over 15 years. His focus is always on people. As an enthusiast for himan-centered organizations, he has specialized in building scalable HR areas in fast-growing companies. 

He spent 10 years in various roles in HR for a global leader in the automotive industry and has spent the last 5 years in particular helping companies at growth and scale. His focus is on empowering employees with tailored concepts and effective methods. His industry expertise spans healthcare, movietainment, and new mobility with a digital focus. As Co-Founder of "flowforgood", Marco Starck stands for the fact that effective change starts with listening. His mission is therefore to help organizations to start listening and to develop best practices together with employees. In this way, he pursues the goal of fostering next-generation organizations and transforming a mindset "into flow".

Marco Starck's coaching approach is creative, mindfulness-based and solution-oriented. In every coaching session, he sees opportunities to change perspectives and behaviors for the better. He strongly believes that it is worth rediscovering each individual's potential over and over again. As with the mission of "flowforgood", in coaching he guides the process with compassion and consistently stands for sustainable solutions and change.

Mathias Riedel

Business psychologist (Dipl.), actor (Dipl.), author, university lecturer for basic coaching, member of the DCV certification committee, systemic teaching and senior coach (DCV). Systemic coach with the focus:


  • Executive coaching
  • Emotion coaching
  • Stress management (wingwave®)
  • Fear of presentation and speech
  • Mindfulness-based coaching (mbsr)
  • Effective communication
  • Targeted action and self-confidence


Target groups

·       Board of Directors and Managing Directors
·       Executives
·       Entrepreneurs and self-employed
·       Individuals